About Us

GoGreenFortheFuture.com is a multi-generational, non-profit, family run California Medical Marijuana Collective founded on first hand knowledge of the truly amazing healing capabilities of Cannabis infused products. We know there are other overnight delivery services available but the difference between GoGreenFortheFuture.com and them is that we are so much more.

What We Believe

The founders of GoGreenFortheFuture.com passionately believe that this medicine should be safely accessible to all Medical Marijuana patients. Unfortunately not all patients have access to a storefront dispensary. And even when they do, most dispensaries only carry a small selection of local edibles and other infused products.

What We Offer

Even when local storefront access is available, our patients are often either too sick to travel to a dispensary or are uncomfortable entering one for professional or other reasons … hence GoGreenFortheFuture.com was born. We offer an amazing variety of edibles … We are Vape-pens & Top Shelf Strains… We are capsules, creams and tinctures. But why stop there?

…and so offer much more

We are a central point for information on both local and national laws, as well as a wealth of information on the medicinal qualities of Cannabis and how it’s best used to address a wide range of illness, disease, and good preventative health.

So ask yourself…

Can you have Safe, Compassionate and Discreet delivery of your medically infused products right to your front door? Oh yes, you CANN! Sign-up as a VIP Patient-Member today, and we’ll show you what you’ve been missing. You too may decide to never again wander into another storefront dispensary again. And why would you need to?